Bitcoin Vs Stock Market: Differences You Must Know

Stock markets have been an important means of investment for a long time. While bitcoins traditionally have been approached as digital currency. Despite its volatile nature, Bitcoin has proved to be a viable alternative asset class for millions of people. Despite so much information regarding bitcoin vs stock market all over the internet, people are still unaware of a variety of facts.

Both the markets function the same way. The price of both is determined by demand, meaning how much people are willing to pay for a share or a currency. This means that when someone pays more than the previous person, the price goes up.

Below given points can help you in understanding the differences between the two.

Bitcoin Vs Stock Market: Differences You Must Know

1. Profit-Making Capacity
Investing in the stock markets require a lot of patience as making a considerable amount of profit on your investment is a slow process and could take a few years. Bitcoin is famous for its volatile nature as there are massive swings in its value within a very small time period.
The cryptocurrency market acts ten times faster. Prices go up faster, prices go down faster, prices change at larger magnitudes.

2. Global Reach
Bitcoins have no borders as they are accepted in over 180 countries worldwide. They are truly global in nature and easily transferable with incredibly low transaction fees. Whereas many traditional investments require formal accreditations, are limited to qualified institutional buyers and also invite high trading fees.

3. Risk Factor
There have been some concerns over the volatile nature of the bitcoin system, as it is based on purely on demand and supply. However, the risk is same in the case of share market as well.
The differentiating factor here is that the stock market is safe in terms of government backing, while bitcoins belong to a decentralized network. Yet, there are many who have been able to trust this network and have made profits ranging in millions of dollars.

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4. Ease of Trade
Stock markets take away a considerable amount of investment as trading charges, brokerage charges, taxes, etc. To start trading in the stock market, one has to go through the hassle of finding a registered broker to start an account and further lose a considerable part of the investment in brokerage charges.

Buying Bitcoin is lucrative, with minimal transaction fees. The transaction is also clean, fast, transparent, and non-reversible transactions. All you need to do is pick a Bitcoin wallet and ensure you give the right wallet address while trading.

Moreover, market manipulation is something that doesn’t really exist in the stock market, however, in the cryptocurrency market it definitely does.

At the end, I must say Bitcoin is still an experimental technology. Do not invest any more than you are willing to lose. With the current rising interest in cryptocurrencies, the present indicators are signaling one can gain profits by investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency but no certainty is provided. The debate of bitcoin vs stock market is still waiting to present its final end, no wonder the differences put the two at equal stand offs.

Bitcoin vs stock market
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